FK series

FK535K Digital Podium with Mic., LED light, Motorised Touch AIO PC/Writable screen 21.5", Aluminum+Steel+Wood Configuration Slim Beauty

E-Podium FK535K Material: Stainless steel,aluminum and acrylic Dimension: 790*620*1200mm Weight: 84kg Soft wheels: 4 wheels with moving podium for convenience Color: customized bule, brown, burlywood Power distributor: AC Outputs:110V-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz Laptop Interface Modules: USBx2/MICx2 Touch Monitor(opitional): Equipped 21.5" touch screen presenting solution on top. Certification: CE, CCC, ISO9001, ISO14001, SGS Feature: 1. "It is placed on a firm floor-standing foot with cable management to connect whiteboard and touching TV etc." 2. New electrical power lift with wide range adjustment by your will. 3. Preseted with two gooseneck microphone on the surface.