Conference Podium

FK500Y Podium Built-in Loudspeaker & Amplifier, LED light, Auto lift, Touch AIO PC/Writable Screen 21.5", Steel+ABS plastic Configuration Slim Beauty

Smart Lectern with built-in Speaker, FK500Y Material: LLDPE and steel stand for monitor Dimension: 770*636*1150mm Weight: 50kg Notebook interface module: USBX2, HDMIX1, VGA 15 pins x1, AUDIO X1, NET 3.0 X1, power X1 Controller system: "Integrated control function: projector switch, projector screen lift, volume ,one key switch" Electric lifting stand: Monitor angle can be adjusted electrically Keyboard tray: All in one PC keyboard tray and storage drawer Build in amplifier Power supply AC-220-240V/50-60Hz,60W "Gooseneck Mic.+ LED light" Mic.interface/ switch, LED light interface /switch Build- in speaker with audio system: 6 pcs build-in loudspeaker with audio system, 2pcs handheld voice tube.