Tablet/Laptop Charging Cart

Compact Charging Box & Lock Cabinet | Wall Hanging and Desktop for Laptop/Chromebook/Netbook up to size 14", AC110-240V, 10 devices, Y810A

Charging Cabinet Features Storage,Lock & charging station for classroom computer Simultaneous power cable charging Advanced power management system Perfect for wall-mounted or desk-surface configuration Compact size and Stackable Cable management for excellent interior cord organization Standard electrical power strip or USB charge for option



POCHAR Charging Cabinet Y810A

AC 110-240V, 10 devices Compact Wall / Desk Charging Box for Laptops

l Compact Charging box with Wall-mounted and Desk surface choices

l Secures, charges, storage and transports up to 10  laptops (up to size 14”)

l 10-shelf outlet AC socket USA/BRITISH/EU etc. with secure charging

l Plastic dividers slip drawer type with neat cord keep devices protected & safe charging

l Universal solution & compatible with all classroom

l Product Dimension: 410x410x580mm