Classroom Podium

Digital Podium with built-in speaker, Mic., Slide Cover, Acuator Tilt Screen, Controller, Multi-touch/Writable screen 21.5", Steel+Aluminum+ABS plastic, AV Controller System built-in, S800S

1. Plastic, steel, aluminum and wood are combined. The front face of the podium is made of ABS plastic. Also, The front face is built with two pieces double-4-inch speakers 2. Expandable IC card system with electronic lock, swipe card to unlock; 3. Desktop tilting design to facilitate the placement of laptop or lecture notes; 4. Electric 21.5 inch widescreen LCD display; 5. The table body adopts standard cabinet size design, and aluminum column drawing wire oxidation process is adopted around the table. 6. There is a side drawer on the right side of the table to facilitate the placement of small items such as water cups; 7. The top of the table is marked with a laptop interface drawstring box, and a rubber ring base with lotus head directly inserted gooseneck microphone; 8. The bottom is equipped with movable foot wheel; 9. Product size: length 668* width 635* height 1150mm





Combination of plastic, steel and other materials. ABS plastic is used for the front face of the table.

The top sliding cover is attached with wooden grain boards

Expand IC card system with electronic lock, and open the lock by swiping the card;

Desktop tilting design, easy to place laptop or speech manuscript;

Electric lifting for wide screen LCD up to size 22”;

The table body adopts the size design of the dismounting standard cabinet;

Built in 8 ports PDU(industrial PDU special for Rack usage);

Standard cover plate open-type laptop interface cable box on the top of the table body;

HDMI cable 3-meter x1; USB cable 2-meter x2;

Directly inserted lotus head gooseneck microphone anti-vibration plastic rubber ring base;

Movable casters are provided at the bottom;

Product size: length 668* width 771* height 1150mm


special full-frequency speaker *2;

speakers are built in the face of the speaker;

4.5-inch *2;

90-channel speakers;

8 ohms



Electronic code lock + power adapter +IC card electronic lock card reader


Gooseneck microphone with plastic shock mount

Dual flexible metal rod microphone

80CM custom lengthening,

Gooseneck microphone with switch indicator;

Copper double hose,

Aluminum rod body;

Tap plug;

Condenser microphone

Frequency response: 100hz-15khz;

Cardioid direction;

Output impedance: 600 ohms;

Sensitivity -36DB;

Pickup distance: 20-50cm;

Power supply: DC12V / 1 a;


Amplifier specification

Channel 8 ohm stereo mode: 150W

Output x4

Voltage gain: 37db

Damping coefficient: >, 500

Dynamic range: > 90dbA

SNR: > 101dbA

Protection function: dc/short circuit/high temperature/overload/distortion pressure limit/high frequency noise/power soft start /VHF high frequency protection

Output level circuit type: super H

Grid requirements: 220v-15a

Wireless microphone:

Dual wireless hand metal handle voltage microphone;

Frequency: 730-790mhz in U segment; Dual channel reception;

Frequency band width: 30MHZ;

Power supply: DC-12v-16v

Power: 10W


Control panel 7”:

1. The control panel adopts touch mode and button design;

2. The control panel has system switch, computer switch, signal switch, main volume and microphone

Controller host:

1. Built-in 2 x 2 HDMI signal switching matrix, supporting the function of desktop and laptop signal switching. Support HDMI 4K*2K resolution;

3. Support 2 channels of audio input, 2 channels of MIC input and 1 channel audio output. Volume output can be adjusted through the control panel "volume up" and "volume down". The input volume of microphone can be adjusted independently through the control panel "microphone up" and "microphone down".

4. Control the projector switch. The projector writing code adopts unique dial code design and integrates the overhead brand projector switch control code.

5. Support projector power delay protection function, automatic delay power cut, better protect projector life.

6. Built-in infrared learning function, no need to configure professional learning device, easier to use and more reliable to store;

7. One channel independent programmable rs-232 control interface and one channel infrared control interface.

8. One power supply control of built-in electric screen and one power outlet of 220V;

9. Support the connection of IC card reader system, and truly realize the function of card reader

10. Safe voltage, with 220V to 12V power supply, safer operation


1. Product structure: built in and fixed for installation, folded twice upright, no need to put it down;

2. Image resolution: 2592 x 1944(5 million hd pixels); 5MP

3. Image color: 24 bits;

4. Scanning speed: with one touch, scanning immediately;

5. Scanning media: physical objects, papers, documents, books, magazines, certificates, business CARDS, etc.

6. Scanning element: 1/2.5CMOS photosensitive chip;

7. Image control: adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, color selection and automatic exposure;

8. Interface: USB2.0 data cable interface power supply, without external power supply;

9. Working voltage: 4.75V-5.25V

10. Light source: natural light and LED light supplement.

11. Computer imaging software;

Electro-maganetic Touch 21.5”(Pen Touch Screen)

Panel Size: 21.5"

Panel Type: TFT LCD

Display Ratio: 16:9

Resolution: 1920*1080

Brightness: 200cd/m²

Contrast Ratio: 1000:1

Color: 16.7M Colors

Surface Treatment: Tempered Glass AG

Touch Type: Electromagnetic Touch

Digitizer Resolution: 3000ppi

Pressure (Full Level): 2048Level

Wireless & Battery Free Pen

Pen Tip: Switch Freely

OS: Windows XP/7/8 or Mac

Certification: CCC, RoHS