Conference Podium

Aluminum Lectern | Digital Podium with Gooseneck Microphone | Motorised Electromagnetic Screen Touch AIO PC, Writable screen 21.5" Slim Beauty Modern Design, FK535KN

FK535K parameter 1. Integrated design: built-in 21.5" display, electric height adjustment, aluminum + solid wood decoration for the main body, front surface, column sandblasting treatment, overall size: 735x670x1060mm; 2. External tray (optional) : it can be used to place documents, water cups, etc., for easy disassembly. 3. Reserved 21.5 " display mounting position for the desk, optional 21.5" electromagnetic writing screen (HDMI input, USB interface to connect the computer) 4. The Angle of the display screen can be adjusted, and the Angle can be electrically adjusted. 5. The desktop is embedded with anti-resonance microphone base, (optional installation of 70CM long double hose rod body goose neck microphone, Taiwan microphone, v-type super heart type pointing, effective radio distance of 20CM). 6. Aluminum Pulling & drawing wire box on the table: easy to use external equipment: USB2.0 extension cord x1 (users connect to the computer host); HDMI x1 (laptop display output). 7. Bottom signal output: video output signal: video output: laptop display output HDMI plug x1, display HDMI plug x1; Microphone output 6.35 plug x1 way, power cord three-pin plug x1. 8. Bottom wheel: hidden silent bottom wheel special for reloading equipment

FK535K + 21.5"  multi-touch monitor VIDEO DEMO:

FK535KN digital podium
Material Aluminum and wood
Dimension 735x670x1060mm
Weight 84kg
wheels 4 wheels for moving convenience
Power distributor AC Outputs:110V-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz
Actuator for screen lift Screen Lift up /stop / down
Pull & Drag Cable box USBx1, Headphone Jack x1, HDMIx1, VGAx1
Bottom interface Three-core Caron x2 for connect amplifier, HDMI X1
Touch Monitor 21.5inch elecromagnetic touch screen presenting solution on top
Feature Equipped with electrical monitor lift with adjustment by your will.
Equipped with keyboard and mouse drawer
Equipped with copper core quality gooseneck microphone
software split screen software
Gooseneck Mic.
+ rubber muffler
Gooseneck Mic. 70cm, Mic. interface/ switch, rubber muffler
Double Film Electromagnetic Screen (capacitance & electromagnetism)
Screen Size: 21.5"
Screen Type: TFT LCD
Display Ratio: 16:9
Resolution: 1920*1080
Contrast Ratio:1000:1
Color: 16.7M Colors
Surface Treatment: Tempered Glass AG
Touch: Electromagnetic touch, multi-touch
Digitizer Resolution: 3000ppi
Pressure (Full Level): Wireless & Battery Free Pen Press Keys
Handwritten screen + Pen screen
Pen Tip: Switch Freely
OS: Windows XP/7/8 or Mac
Certification: CCC, RoHS