Classroom Podium

Stainless cold-steel and wooden digital podium with 19"-21.5" monitor, system controller, audio and visual integrated, S400

Material: High quality stainless cold-steel and wooden Sliding cover: Opening/Closing the cover easily Adjustable Monitor Angle: User can set monitor's angle Actuator for monitor/screen: Optional Laptop Interface Modules: USB x2 Power distributor: AC Outputs:220V-240V AC, 50Hz/60Hz Maximum Input Power: 3KW

S400 Video:


1. Steel and wood integrated molding materials; The table body adopts 1.2-1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate in different places according to the degree of stress; 3 copy keys with lock;
2. The table is made of steel and wood, with a concise and beautiful overall layout. The overall design of the platform conforms to the principle of human body mechanics.
3. Table closing size mm: (length, width and height) :

  • S400F: 1100 * 670 * 950;
  • S400T: 1100 * 680 * 870;
  • S400S: 900 * 600 * 930;
  • S400X: 1100 * 680 * 870;

 4. The LOGO of the school can be printed on the front of the table according to customer needs.
5. Upper and lower level split design, the desktop part and the table part form an independent whole, which is convenient to enter and exit the narrow classroom door. Fixed screw hole is built into the desk, easy to install, safe and anti-theft.
6. The cover plate and keyboard of the display are designed in a flip style. The cover plate of the display can be equipped with 19-21.5 inch LCD widescreen display; The integrated central control or split central control system (S400F) is placed under the keyboard.
7. The drawer on the right side can be used to place the physical display stand. After closing, all devices are hidden in the platform.
8. The desktop integrates two USB interface modules.