Classroom Podium

Digital Podium/Interactive Lectern with gooseneck Mic., Screen Auto lift, Slide Cover, Multi-touch /Writable screen 21.5", Steel+Wooden Housing, S700

Smart Lectern S700 1. Materials: steel, plastic and wood are combined. The main material of the lower layer is 1.2 ~ 1.5mm cold-rolled steel plate; The upper body adopts anti-static and rustproof plastic steel desktop, and the desktop board adopts wood panel for fire prevention and prevention Dust, waterproof, scratch - resistant. 2. Appearance: humanized design, the desktop board adopts push-pull type. According to the design of human body mechanics, the desktop adopts tilt design, convenient to place speech. 3. Functions: (1) mouse, professional phantom power gooseneck microphone, central control panel, 21.5 "LCD display built under the push-pull board. (2) the display installation mode adopts the electric lifting device installation mode and integrates the advanced anti-card system. (3) the podium body is equipped with laptop interface module (the module supports 1 set of network cable, 2 sets of USB interface, 1 set of RGB cable, 1 set of audio cable) and power module, which is convenient for teachers to use. (4) the podium adopts the standard cabinet size design, and all the equipment is arranged neatly. (5) the built-in cooling fan in the table cabinet ensures the running state of the equipment. (6) four casters are installed at the bottom of the table for users to move and use. (7) equipped with electric lifting device, electric lifting 21.5 inch wide screen LCD display, IC card system can be expanded. 4. Podium Size: closed size (L*W*H, unit mm)860*750*1150; Expanded size (L*W*H, mm) : 1520*1135*1150.

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