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FK535K-D (Minimum Order Quantity: 50)

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A. Integrated design: built-in 32inch advertising smart screen (in the front face) and 21.5 "LCD touch display (on the podium top) with electric height adjustment, aluminum + solid wood decoration for the main body, front surface, column sandblasting treatment, overall size: 735x670x1060mm;
B. External tray (optional): it can be used to place documents, water cups, etc., for easy disassembly.
C. Reserved 21.5 "display mounting position for the desk, optional 21.5" electromagnetic writing screen (HDMI input, USB interface to connect the computer)
D. The Angle of the display screen can be adjusted, and the Angle can be electrically adjusted.
E. The desktop is embedded with anti-resonance microphone base, (optional installation of 70CM long double hose rod body goose neck microphone, Taiwan microphone, v-type super heart type pointing, effective radio distance of 20CM).
F. Cable box descriptions: Aluminum “Pulling & drawing wire box” on the table, easy to use external equipment:
1. USB2.0 extension cord x1 (users connect to the computer host);
2. HDMI x1 (laptop display output).
3. Bottom signal output: video output signal: video output: laptop display output HDMI plug *1, display HDMI plug *1; Microphone output 6.35 plug *1 way, power cord three-pin plug *1.
4. OPS computer unit: intel i3, 4gb, 128gb SSD, Windows 7/10
G. Bottom wheel: hidden silent bottom wheel (special for reloading equipment)
H. Integrated professional speech report software: the speaker can see the current page and can preview the next screen in advance. The audience can only see the current page and annotate the previous page; Only the speaker can see the remarks and Numbers on the previous page. Displays the current time; When playing PPT slides, you can import word, video, webpage, picture, etc. to make comments on the imported objects under the premise of no longer closing PPT. Pre-import no less than 12 sets of PPT, convenient for many people not to operate the continuous speech; Functions of electronic whiteboard: writing, annotating, drawing and other functions can be synchronized to the projection screen or splicing screen and other display devices.

Minimum order quantity for this product is 50 pcs.