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SP-Y670 Podium (Minimum Order Quantity: 50)

by Pochar
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a) Product Design:
This IoT desk adopts integrated design, simple, flexible and powerful, creating a wireless environment of the desk.

b) Materials:
The table of this IoT desk is made of aeronautical aluminum CNC. The product is of high precision. It shows you that the products are more delicate, and the product texture is stronger, so as to better improve the quality of the products and the production technology level.
The body of the table is made of cold-rolled steel, which is stronger and more stable.

c) Functions:
1. A 22-inch touch screen (A+ screen) is provided on the left side of the desktop, with A display tilt of 15°, which provides better touch and viewing experience.
2. The following configuration of a keyboard, so that teachers can use the design in a better sense of experience (you are worried about damage or cleaning, we in South China Agricultural University and several universities in three years ago to provide such a keyboard design with the school, after three years of batch use teachers more recognized this way. At the same time, we design the keyboard as consumable, provide replacement service, and the cost is very low.)
3. Next to the keyboard, we are equipped with a wireless mobile phone charging module. Teachers will bring mobile phones with them in class.
4, embedded in the right side of an OPS computer, the standard is I5 (8 generation) /8G/256G, can be matched with other high configuration. The side provides a notebook input interface
5. A gooseneck microphone is arranged on the upper right side, and a LOLA module is embedded inside, which can realize the control of environmental equipment by the Internet of Things (Demo: we can control our large screen, projector, lighting and air conditioning through our software and LOLA module; Can demonstrate our wireless control of lights and large screen switches). In this way, we need to configure additional central control equipment in our traditional classroom or conference room, so that the equipment allows us to use more flexible and convenient.
6, the body of the table we provide the overall table can raise the table 0-200mm, convenient for teachers of different heights to use.
7. At the bottom of the table, an aluminum alloy hidden water cup holder is designed and configured. The design is very humanized.

d) Application:
1. Construction of small and medium-sized space smart classrooms
4. Small and medium-sized conference rooms

e) Configuration
1. Podium body: the thickness of 5MM aviation aluminum CNC processing, four corners of the aluminum profile grinding tool forming, 1.2-1.5mm cold rolled steel stamping, welding, grinding forming
2. Screen auto lift/ actuator: 0-200mm height one key adjustment
3. Moving wheel: front with brake, rear without brake, 2 inch moving wheel
4. 22-inch 10-point capacitive touch screen
5. OPS computer (intel i5 /8GB/256GB SSD Windows 10) standard configuration
6. Goose-neck microphone x1
7. Wireless charging module (wireless mobile phone charger) x1
8. Physical keyboard x1
9. Aluminum water cup holder x1

    Minimum order quantity for this product is 50 pcs.