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G7 Concealed Carry Case, Leather Soft Case, Lockable Zipper, Case for Stuff Storage or Transport

  • MULTI-PURPOSE AND PORTABLE: Designed for concealed carry, this compact case offers convenient underarm portability, making it ideal for individuals on the move. Equipped with a holster, and a reliable locking zipper, it offers integrated storage for your ultra-compact stuff.
  • EXCEPTIONAL CRAFTSMANSHIP AND SUPERIOR QUALITY: Crafted from premium leather, this case offers a luxurious touch, exceptional durability, and impressive water resistance. The interior is lined with soft padding to safeguard your stuff from scratches or damage. Its compact and lightweight design ensures easy portability and convenient storage in your vehicle or bag. With its meticulous construction and thoughtful design, this case stands as a valuable investment for any stuff owner.
  • PRIORITIZE SAFETY: When dealing with stuff, prioritize safety above all else. Practice responsible measures in the storage and use of this box, ensuring strict adherence to both state and local laws. Acknowledge that you bear the ultimate responsibility for the safety of others, therefore handle your stuff with utmost care and responsibility. Keep them unloaded and securely out of reach of children, as they are not intended for use by minors.
  • ELEGANT STORAGE WITH ENHANCED SECURITY: Whether showcased on a shelf or stored in a cherished safe, this case combines concealed carry design with a touch of sophistication. Each case is equipped with a fixed combination lock to guarantee the secure storage of your stuff. The robust nature of these locks provides a high level of protection, preventing theft or accidental discharge, even during transit or other movements.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Perfect for any occasion, our cases are designed with unisex appeal. Please remember to check out the size of your gun compared to the inside dimensions shown. Inside Dimensions; 8.5 IN x 5.5 IN x 1.75 IN. Outside; 9.25 IN x 6 IN x 2 IN.G7 Concealed Carry Gun PouchConcealed Carry Gun PouchConcealed Carry Gun PouchConcealed Carry Gun PouchConcealed Carry Gun Pouch