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Our Past 

Since 2005, POCHAR’s holding company, Guangzhou Focus Digital Technology Co., Ltd. has been a leading manufacturer and retailer in China of mobile laptop and tablet charging carts, digital podiums, and other smart classroom and office furniture. With offices in 7 major Chinese cities, a sales presence in 15 countries and regions, and our headquarters in Guangzhou, China, we established POCHAR LLC in southern California in 2019.

Our Present 

As a young company, we are excited to keep expanding our business opportunities, but what excites us most is helping you with innovative factory-direct solutions to your technological needs in your school or workplace.

Our Future 

Our top priority at POCHAR is always customer satisfaction, seconded only by providing the best quality products to consumers. We are continually looking for ways to improve upon our products and love to hear feedback from you, the customer!

You can reach us at (909) 930-0998 or at Our professional customer service team is here to assist you from 9AM to 5PM (PST), Monday to Friday.