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SP50 Podium (Minimum Order Quantity: 50)

by Pochar
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Dimensions: 1300x650x (800~1000) [±20] L*W*H. This desk is specially designed for the hybrid classroom application; The feature is flexible, concise, wide extension; It is more suitable for a variety of teaching scenes such as small class teaching and seminar teaching.

Material: The upper desktop is made of two pieces of wood with a thickness of no less than 18MM. The hardness of the surface is no less than 3H. The color of the desktop supports customization. Design some aluminum alloy fixed strip; The main body of the table is made of 1.2-1.5mm cold rolled steel, stamping, welding and grinding.

1. The size of one side of the desktop is about 780x650MM, providing the teaching function of lecture mode. The desktop can be equipped with a 27-inch all-in-one machine support arm, a gooseneck microphone and a wireless charging module.
2. The size of the other side of the desktop is about 520x650MM, providing lecture mode teaching function; Standard electric lifter, can lift the table height is not less than 200MM; The desktop Angle can be adjusted freely, the adjustment Angle can be adjusted at will, the adjustment delivery range is not less than 20°, the desktop under the aluminum alloy anti-skid bar, convenient document or notebook placement, cabinet configuration a USB 3.0 interface.
3. Storage space or equipment stacking space is provided at the lower level of the desk. Standard rack mounting positions are configured on both sides of the cabinet.
4. The front baffle is made of cold-rolled steel, and the size is about 350x650MM. An acrylic mounting plate with a thickness of no less than 5MM is designed in front of the baffle to install the customized school LOGO.
5, the desk can be equipped with LORA transmitting module and control software, to achieve wireless control of environmental equipment (such as: large screen, projector switch wireless control, lighting control, curtain control, air conditioning control).
7. Six 2.5-inch moving wheels (with brake function) are configured under the table.

    Minimum order quantity for this product is 50 pcs.