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D22L-G Specimen Drop Box, Stainless Steel, Medium, 14"W x 7"D x 11"H, Over-The-Door Hanging, 2 Keys Included (Each)

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  • Convenient After-Hours Drop-off:Facilitates quick and hassle-free after-hours specimen drop-off, eliminating the need to wait for a courier or adhere to specific business hours.
  • Secure Foam-Lined Interiors:Equipped with foam-lined interiors that provide a protective barrier for specimens during transportation, ensuring their integrity and preventing potential damage.
  • Biohazard Symbol for Enhanced Safety:Prominently imprinted with a biohazard symbol, signaling the importance of handling specimens with care. This visual indicator enhances safety protocols and promotes awareness.
  • Dual Key Security System:Includes a set of two keys for added security and control. This dual-key system ensures that only authorized personnel can access the drop box, adding an extra layer of protection for valuable specimens.
  • Worry-Free Specimen Handling:Offers a worry-free solution for the delivery and secure storage of specimens. The design and features of the Specimen Drop Box are crafted to deliver and guard specimens wisely, instilling confidence in the handling process.D22L-G Drop boxD22L-G Drop boxD22L-G Drop boxD22L-G Drop boxD22L-G Drop box