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Top/Back Keys (for Charging Carts & Cabinets)

SKU Parts002
  • Keys 2x (model name 1A608 / 2A608 / 3A608)

This set of keys is designed for the top or back cover of the following POCHAR products:

  • Y630B (30-unit Charging Cart, Blue/Gray)
  • Y630BH (30-unit Charging Cart, Black)
  • C18-T (18-unit Charging Cart)
  • C18-H (18-unit Charging Cart)
  • CCH16S (16-unit Charging Cabinet)
  • CCB16S (16-unit Charging Cabinet)
  • Y816AS-B (16-unit Charging Cabinet)
  • Y816AS-H (16-unit Charging Cabinet)
  • AV-G (AV Cart with Cabinet, front lock)