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SP-Y750 Podium (Minimum Order Quantity: 50)

by Pochar
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A. Standard Configuration
1. Podium Upper standard:Keyboard x1 desktop: USB 3.0 x2, Type-C x1;
2. Podium upper side connections: Power x1, HDMI x1
3. Wireless mobile phone charging module x1, hidden cup holder x1, chalk slot x1, hook x1, One acrylic decorative board x1 (for LOGO printing)
4. Goose-neck microphone x1
5. Power PDU (8 sockets) x1
6. Screen/Monitor Linear Actuator (electric height adjustable) x1
7. Podium body Actuator (electric height adjustable) x1
8. Embedded touch screen & computer: 23.8" DELL touch screen
9. OPS computer: intel i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, WIN10

B. Design:
This IOT DESK/multimedia podium adopts multi-level, multi-color collocation, so that the product looks very hierarchical.
The bottom part is horn shape design, the design and processing of the upper big and the lower small, so that the three-dimensional sense of the product is stronger. It is more modern and does not lack the dignity of the classroom at the same time.

C. Functions:
1. A 23.8-inch touch screen is provided on the left side of the desktop, and the elevation Angle can reach 15° to enhance the interaction between teachers and equipment in teaching; At the same time can be equipped with the function of electric putter, elevation adjusted by electric push rod to adjust the Angle of the display, we can control of docking with electric parts, to design the automatic adjustment can be implemented according to the height Angle is also able to do it, the three key one is ascending, one is descending, one is reset, reset means the class was over, can a key reset to initial state.
2. The following configuration of a keyboard, so that teachers can use the design in a better sense of experience. (PS: you are worried about damage or cleaning, we in South China Agricultural University and several universities in three years ago to provide such a keyboard design with the school, after three years of batch use teachers more recognized this way. At the same time, we design the keyboard as consumable, provide replacement service, and the cost is very low.)
3. Next to the keyboard, we are equipped with a wireless mobile phone charging module. Teachers will bring mobile phones with them in class.
4. A gooseneck microphone and a wireless handheld (rechargeable) microphone are provided on the right side, and the amplification is not restricted by the equipment; Gooseneck microphone provides teachers to lecture around the platform. Handheld microphone is wireless charging. Combined with our Internet of Things central control, it is better to use and manage it.
5. the left provides a 10-inch touch control and identity authentication system: in class, the teacher to identity (1, 2, fingerprint authentication IC card id authentication,) qualified teacher can use the equipment, the Internet control has five features: (1) the multimedia equipment control (conventional screen, projector, computers and other equipment control); ② Environmental equipment control (lighting, curtains and air conditioning control in the classroom) ③ Mobile phones with the same screen ④ Group discussion for the smart classroom ⑤ Equipment repair report
6. The podium is also equipped with input/output interface, including USB3.0, the popular Type-C interface, and HDMI output on the side. Equipped with a hidden water cup holder and a chalk box holder.
7. We provide automatic lifting device(electric height adjustable) for the podium body, which can be matched with the central control, which can raise the table 0-150mm, convenient for teachers of different heights.
8. The desk body provides a 10U standard cabinet, which provides space for other equipment in the classroom environment.
9. both sides of the desk can also be equipped with side cabinet, can do seat type teaching, can do examination papers and other purposes.


    Minimum order quantity for this product is 50 pcs.