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SP30 (Minimum Order Quantity: 50)

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  • Product size L*W*H (mm) : 1000*650*1065mm (closed); 865mm(±5) (table top height)
  • Material structure: steel and wood, on the table lower sheet metal using 1.0-2.0mm cold rolled steel plate, to ensure the structural stability of the product. Sheet metal parts are all through pickling phosphating spraying and then high temperature baking, can effectively prevent rust; Table spraying fine, uniform particles; (See Cold Rolled Steel Frame Test Report). The desktop and back board are made of 18MM wood scratch-resistant material.
  • The whole adopts the encircling design, the front adopts the forward-leaning structure design, both sides of the corner adopt the mold circular opening mold integrated molding, the middle design thickness of 18mm high thickness wood material, the joint without obvious gap design process; The wooden part can also be installed with the school LOGO;
  • Layout design: 21.5-inch touch display device is placed on the left side of the desktop, with elevation Angle of 26°; There is an embedded physical keyboard under the display device, and the whole flat design on the right side of the desktop provides a larger place for teaching AIDS. The design on the right side of the desktop can install a hidden lifting quick-arrangement device, which does not occupy the desktop space. A drawer can be designed to place teaching AIDS. The design can be installed with a hidden water cup holder fixed position.
  • The lower floor can be equipped with cabinets (or storage space for large teaching equipment).