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C30B-T - Fully Assembled 30-Unit Charging Cart with Electronic Keypad


30-Unit Heavy Duty Fully Assembled Charging Cart with Cord Management - Electric Keypad Lock & Automatic Flush Bolts - Fits Portable Computer, Laptops, & Tablets up to 14’’ Screensize and 1.5’’ Thick

  • DEVICE SECURITY: Our battery-powered digital keypad lock can be programmed with a passcode of your choice, and activates the automatic flush bolt locks. In addition, there are hooks available to add a combination lock or padlock on the front of the cart, and a hook underneath to secure your cart with a chain (traditional lock/chain not included).
  • SAFETY DESIGN: Our cart has rounded corners on top to help prevent injuries in busy spaces, and its sturdy design means it can support up to 400 lbs. Ventilated walls keep your devices from overheating while they charge. The 3 power strips each have individual overload protection built in, but all 3 strips are powered by a single cord that only takes up one outlet. Ground fault protection is built into the front and back of the cart for user safety!
  • CABLE MANAGEMENT: Removable power cord baskets offer organization in the back, and you can charge your devices using either the top cord hooks in the front, or the zig-zag slots in the dividers. Our plastic dividers prevent the screens from getting scratched, and the extra-wide device slots will fit tablets or laptops with protective cases on.
  • USER FRIENDLY: This cart arrives to you fully assembled! Just attach the wheels and cord hooks and you are ready to go. Our built-in plastic handlebar provides ergonomic maneuverability and prevents static shocks. In addition, this cart’s front door opens a full 270 degrees. Each organizer, rack, outlet, and divider corresponds to one device for optimized management.
  • EXTRA FEATURES: Our light blue and grey color scheme adds more fun and energy to your classroom or workspace. In addition, the 4 rounded corners provide style and safety to the environment. This cart also includes a free laptop mat so you can use a laptop safely on the top of your cart, or anywhere else! (Mat measures 15.6” L x 11.6” W)